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Content Filter Wish List

As we kick off 2017, rather than making a New Year’s Resolution focused on my own improvement, I’m here to spell out my hopes for someone else: my favorite social media frenemy, LinkedIn.

Clearly, the good folks at LinkedIn have ignored my previous suggested remedies for getting back on track, and continue to morph into “FaceBiz.”  If Facebook can tailor its “news” feed to the biases of its users, perhaps LinkedIn can help me tailor my feed to only those things that give me actual business value.

Therefore, LinkedIn, please consider my fantasy list of content filters below, and give me the option to block:

  • Any graphic illustrating the differences between a “boss” and a “leader” (am I the only one who reads those and thinks, “being the boss sounds awesome?”)
  • Any photos of a well-equipped cubicle awaiting the new employee
  • Any photos of training class attendees sitting attentively in a training room
  • Any photos of trade show attendees having discussions at a trade show booth
  • Any photos of business professionals sitting in airplane seats en route to a training class or trade show
  • Any picture of an inspirational message written on a whiteboard, easel pad or tablet
  • Any request to “like” the notice of a dying child, an aging vet, a deceased spouse, or any other deeply personal tragedy to which the word “like” should not apply and that could not possibly benefit from a random list of gullible mouse-clickers.

Perhaps, if I had these options, I would be motivated to grow my network, rather than pare it down, as I am actively doing now.

As a software developer, I know that the logic to implement the above filters is quite difficult.  Therefore, I will propose a very easy alternative.  LinkedIn offers several choices to react to content, including “like”and “share.”

  • Like:  Tell the author that you appreciated the content
  • Share:  Tell your business network that this is content worthy of consideration.

However, my feed shows both types of activity from my network – I see all of your “likes” and your “shares” equally in my content stream.

I will henceforth reduce my wish list down to one request:

  • Only show me what my network “shares” and not everything they “like”

I will gladly take it from there, using the “Unsubscribe” option on anyone in my network who actually “shares” how many pens their new intern is getting.